Aircraft Certification Peers Review 2

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What are the FAA\’s approach to system safety and air carrier certification? Watch The FAAs Approach to System Safety and Certification (29:40/YouTube), (Links to an external site.) and find out.

According to the FAA video, \”safety cannot be inspected into a system.\” The video further goes on to say that \”safety must be designed into a system.\” Think about this from an aircraft certification standpoint. What do you think these two statements mean in the context of aircraft certification? Why is it important to identify risks and hazards in the design and development phase as opposed to just waiting until the aircraft is in the field?


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Modern aircraft take years and billions of dollars to design and manufacture. If post manufacturing inspections (certifications) were the means to discover hazards within an aircraft’s systems, then an aircraft would never be completed due extensive time in redesign, re-engineering and testing of new systems. It certainly would never be profitable.

If safety was not “designed into the systems,” then we would be forced to discover risks and hazards after an aircraft has entered passenger or cargo carrying operations. By this time, its too late. Aviation accidents are different than car, boat and train mishaps since a higher percentage result in serious injury and fatality. Aircraft operate at high speeds, in extreme temperatures and pressures. A comprehensive safety system is vital to identify and mitigate risks in the design phase. The consequences of discovering an unsafe system after a new aircraft has entered service could be disastrous with the loss of hundreds of lives.

The FAA video makes an interesting point that aircraft will never operate “free from danger or harm.” Safety systems are vital to ensuring the quality of a system to function under predetermined conditions with an acceptable level of risk (FAA, 2010).


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