African History Questions

  • What does Diaspora means?
  • Diaspora peoples refer to who?
  • Name the two places diaspora peoples maintain their connection and identity.?
  • State one reason Diaspora study has become much more important today.?
  • State one characteristic of diaspora groups:?
  • What does African Diaspora means?
  • In studying African Diaspora History, one has to begin with what and why?
  • State one reason why it is complex and difficulty to study African Diaspora history.?
  • Name two Muslim societies outside Africa that have discrete African communities.?
  • Name one service performed by enslaved Africans who settled in India.
  • What were the known names for Africans and descendants of Africans found in India?
  • What region of Africa did Arab slave dealers take most of the African slaves?
  • Name a Greek Mathematician who is believed to have studied in Egypt.?
  • What is the Hamitic Hypothesis?
  • Define Monogenesis and Polygenesis.?
  • Describe the “Out of Africa” Theory.?
  • Name the two scientists whose works have closely associated with the “Out of Africa” Theory.?
  • What year was the first human-like skeletons discovered in Olduvai Gorge?
  • What scientific name was given to these skeletons?
  • Name the river closely associated with the Egyptian Civilization.?
  • Name the writing invented by the Ancient Egyptians.?
  • Based on the documentary watched in class, how many blacks called Siddis are in India and when and where their ancestors came from?
  • How many Blacks are in Iraqi and where they mainly live based on the documentary? What name is given to these Black Iraqis?
  • Name the two areas in Africa most of the enslaved Africans came from and taken to the New World.?
  • This language is widely spoken in East Africa and it is a mixture of Arabic and African languages?
  • What is the name of the African Queen that said to have had relationship with King Solomon?
  • Name the son this African Queen had by Solomon.?
  • Which of these countries was not involved in the Transatlantic Slave Trade? France, England, Russia, Spain, Netherland.
  • Name four Islands around Africa.?
  • Who were the Habshis?
  • Which country in Africa was originally referred to as Abyssinian?
  • Name three major language groups in Africa.?
  • Name the biggest Island located around Africa.?
  • Who were the first people used as slaves in the New World?
  • Put the following countries and their capital cities in/on the map of Africa: Nigeria, Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Algeria, Ghana, Lesotho, Djibouti, and Guinea Bissau, Seychelles, Mauritius, Cape Verde.?
  • There are seven continents in the world, what number is Africa?
  • Name three countries in West Africa.?
  • Name the tallest mountain in Africa.?
  • Name three major rivers in Africa?
  • What language is widely spoken by the people of East Africa?
  • Name three countries located in East Africa?
  • How many countries are currently in Africa?
  • How many time is Africa bigger than the United States?
  • Name the largest Lake in Africa?

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