5 questions, 300 words each

There are 5 different questions below that need to be answered separately, and 300 words each. Thanks in advance.

1.Discuss the ethical implications associated with psychological research that involves human subjects. What steps might researchers take to protect human subjects in research?

2.Select two theoretical perspectives from which to explain psychosocial development throughout the lifespan (i.e. Freud and Erikson, etc.). Describe the major tenets of each theory. Compare and contrast the two approaches to explaining development.

3.Select a psychological disorder you explored in class. Describe the symptoms, challenges, and possible treatment approaches to this disorder.

4.Select one theoretical model or process for explaining or measuring intelligence (i.e. Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, standardized IQ tests, etc.). Critically explore the strengths and weaknesses to that approach to understanding intelligence.

5.Describe concepts or topics that you found most interesting in your experience in this class and why.

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