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  1. please answer the following Qs , each one in a separate page with at least two references each. HNIT: do not include the whole question , just write the Q#.

    Question 1.Imagine you work for a large service provider (e.g., a telecom company). Discuss the importance of information security, considering that a good percentage of your sales force, service people, and managers work remotely, at least part of the time. 

    Question 2. Imagine you are the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of a mid to large retail chain. You were called by the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) about a decrease in sales and profitability due to tough competition in prices. Discuss how a well-implemented Supply Chain Management system could help your company to mitigate the problem. Your objective is to convince the CFO to invest on a new SCM platform. 

    Question 3. Technology is developing at an overwhelming pace to most managers Take one of those new technological developments and discuss it in terms of future opportunities and challenges for established companies, business models, and ultimately established business fields (e.g., accounting, HR, Marketing). 

    Question 4. Discuss why most companies fail to fully realize the benefits of an ERP implementation. 

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