#4 Develop Your Skills Exercise:

#4 Develop Your Skills Exercise: Develop a scoring key for each structured interview question below and create a formula to combine the scores into an overall structured interview score for a retail sales position at a high-end retailer focused on customer service.

a. A disgruntled customer is returning a damaged suit jacket he bought the previous week that he needed for an event that night. He is extremely upset. What do you do?

b. A person walks into your store and mentions that she has just moved into the area and that this is the first time she has visited your store. What would you do to make her a customer now and a loyal customer in the future?

c. You’re working alone because two people called in sick. Suddenly, five customers walk into your department at once. What do you do?

Then view the structured interviews available on the book’s companion Web site for Parvathi, Chris, and Julia. Use your structured interview scoring key to evaluate each candidate. Then combine each candidate’s interview scores and choose one to whom to extend a job offer.

Question:  #4 parts a, b, & c (have 3 score response stems for each). List the KSA that is being rated. Pick another KSA for the same job and develop two situations and 3 scored response stems.

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